i want joaquin phoenix to stop being a famous rapper and play a superhero

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Fat stacks of inFamous plats


theres a giant burning orb in the sky and it can burn your flesh, it can give you diseases, it can kill you, looking directly at it causes physical pain, and we all think this is okay. we like this orb.  we like to go outside and lie around on our backs when this orb is in the sky. children draw cute pictures of this levitating death orb with a smiley face on it. what is wrong with us

you mean the single source of all energy and life on our planet and reason for our safe orbit in the galaxy? The sun is the most important thing in proximity of planet earth why not see it as a positive thing?

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-sees 12 different Connor figures- 

That’s great how about a Desmond one

Selected concept arts from The Last Of Us.

And then had their artistic value butchered by adjusting contrast to a level that alters the nature of the setting, therefore insulting the worth of the original artists opinion about the way the art should look.

u made it way better gud job

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Hi heres an update on me

I don’t want unisex bathrooms because urinals prevent men pissing on toilet seats, case closed everyone fuck off.

What kinda asshole annouces their retirement from anything on april 2nd

everyone who still thinks that rick rolling is funny deserves to be in a bad sitcom with laugh tracks where the people watching the show sit there trying to figure out what the joke was.

the YouTube comments section has become a really good place to discuss the videos and ideas in the videos which means they succeeded at what they wanted to do originally, before the google+ user outcry. It’s easy to respond to comments you’ve already made and other people are more likely to see positive discussions in the comment feed, and YouTube users have the ability to ghost block other users from commenting.

I think they deserve a pat on the back to be perfectly honest and no one seems to want to do it.

I know a person who works at EB Games. They “buy” games with the intent to return them for full purchase price within the 7 day guarantee period. They also buy PC games and use the code to permanently link the game to their account and return the game as codes used for full purchase price. They havent spent a dollar on a video game that actually stayed in the hands of the video game developer for at least 6 months.

If that’s not the worst form of theft and piracy then I don’t know what is. Taking the actual value from a real physical product that someone went to the effort of developing, distributing and stocking. When you compare a keygen to that kind of behaviour, keygens look harmless.

Her defense is that it’s “research” for her position as a sales assistant. Mind you she won’t play a single game that she doesn’t want to play for personal reasons, so there’s absolutely no self sacrifice. 

As a sales person you’re absolutely entitled to research. Sales material. The sheets the distributor gives your store with sales points of the video game. Your required skills are to sell a video game based on the same information that the marketing team uses to sell a game to masses of people. You’re not entitled to play every game that you want to, without paying a single cent, just because you work at a video game store.