According to statistics, xbox players are better than PS players. 

Wow. The console that was surviving on a franchise made from bungie with thousands and thousands of hardcore competitive fans is better at the new game made by bungie. What a shock. See how xbox gamers do at LBP, Uncharted, or even uncharted. Video games are like riding a bicycle so you can’t expect a ratchet and clank platformer player to somehow be great at a first person shooter like you cant expect and olympic cyclist to ride a unicycle

If I completely miss the point of something I can just sarcastically talk about it as if it’s stupid and I’m better than it is and people on the internet who also miss the point will think I’m hilarious

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Bless edwardspoonhands

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i think so too

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Is commissioning licensed works copyright infringement or 

They say Destiny has no story

You’re supposed to play each level over and over again with your friends. You’re supposed to work your arse off for legendary loot, what’s 100 times more important than story is gameplay, lore, level design and fun. It has that steaming out of its freaking ears. Story based games are fine but they aren’t the entire world. There are even movies that aren’t fucking story-based, they’re just 90 minute videos about characters and how they interact with the world around them.

Video games are a mature enough medium to differentiate themselves from each other, deal with it.


Ubisoft had it right when they made Blood Dragon. From this point on every single thing I make will have an unhealthy amount of neon glow

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I am stress

do not prod

if the dlc is ready for reviewers whY ISNT IT READY FOR ME?

Don’t touch that dial now, we’re just getting started!

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first official couple photo x0

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